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Patch Notes


Starting April 2023, this page contains the details of every Rebillia update release and its important content. For version control and backwards compatibility, this page will also track which public app versions are supporting the updates.

Patch 41

New Features

Reset “Integration Run” for failed order creationWhen working with an external sale channel (like an eCommerce platform or an OMS), sometimes Rebillia is not able to create the external order (for various reasons). When that happens, the external order creation goes into a daily retry process. This release allows company users to override the daily process and have the system try creating the order immediately (within a 5 minute span).

For detailed information, refer to the External Orders documentation.
Cancel Rate PlanInstead of needing to cancel each Charge in the Plan, Rebillia now offers the ability to cancel the Plan itself and all of its Charges via one button click.

For detailed information, refer to the Managing Plans documentation.
“Subscription Bags” management tools – first releaseWe are finally starting to smell the end of this cool side project! And with the smell, come the releases. The first two releases for our “Subscription Bags” feature are:
– Delete empty bag.
– Rename your bag.

To review the subscription bags features, refer to the Subscription Bags documentation.


“Select a Company” search barScrolling through a long dropdown list to find the company you want to login to (yes, we are looking at you – partners!) is not fun – so we added a search bar input field to search the company by name, instead of by eye!
Main navigation expanded by defaultIf there was one request made more times than any other, it is having the side navigation menu open by default. We never thought it would be so impactful – but we are just the developers, not the users!

From now on, the side navigation menu will be open by default, and FYI – we are tracking if you close it!
“Save & Edit” new productYou know the feeling that you create a new product, and want to see your creation? So apparently, we didn’t give you this satisfaction…. NO MORE! With this update release, we have added a “Save & Edit” button at the end of creating a new product, so your dreams could come true.
Billing Operation “Set Date”Our daily operations have been manually executed more than we could ever imagine they would, and with that came a limitation we didn’t think we’d need to address – manually consuming an operation will delay the next operation by 1 day.

To combat that monstrosity, we are now giving you the ability to not only set the time of day you want the operation to execute, but also the date you want it to execute on.


Can’t add new card with Stripe in Rebillia manager interfaces.Fixed
Can’t add new card with Square in Rebillia manager interfaces.Fixed
Linked product variants/modifiers not removed when switching linked product.Fixed
Deleting toggleable elements (SMTP/Notification) does not remove them until page is refreshed.Fixed
Selected industry is not selected by default in “Profile” page.Fixed
Can’t edit notification subject because preview text is required.Fixed
“Declined” transactions have no colored label.Fixed
“Ended” Charges have no colored label.Fixed
Overlay modals width increased by content.Fixed

Patch 42

New Features

Bulk Publish/Disable Rate PlansThis request actually came in from one of our own account managers (Matt), asking for an easier way to publish rate plans on a product. From now on, instead of publishing each plan separately, you can engage the expendable bulk checkboxes on the left side of the item to issue bulk commands.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plans documentation.
Customer Control Panel – Update Card Billing Address / ExpirationMust be one of the highest requested tickets in the history of Rebillia, or even since the invention of sliced bread! Customer can now edit their existing cards on file, updating their billing address and/or their card’s expiration date.

To review this feature, refer to the Customer Control Panel documentation.
Customer Control Panel – Add new card/address directly from subscription.Another highly requested item in our bucket list has made its way to production, and now customers don’t need to interact with their address book or their payment methods to change a card/address on a subscription anymore. From now on, customers can add a new card/address and assign it to a subscription directly from the subscription record itself!

To review this feature, refer to the Customer Control Panel documentation.
Manually link Rebillia account to sale channel accountFor our sale channel users that just love to take new customers over the phone and immediately generate them in Rebillia – we have added the ability to manually link a Rebillia generated account to a sale channel account, so the customer could login to your store and view and manage their data easily!

To review this feature, refer to the Sale Channel Linking documentation.


Push gateway transaction ID to saleChannel orderMore and more 3rd party applications (like OMSs, Fraud Detection apps etc) are looking for specific information in orders to do their tasks. To provide more clarity and allow these systems to do their job, Rebillia will now pass the gateway transaction ID to every order it generates in a sale channel.
Push Rebillia IP to sale channel recurring ordersContinuing from the previous point, Rebillia will now pass its IP to every recurring order it generates in a sale channel.
Text clarity update to Invoice view.A small, yet hoping to be effective, update to a text in our invoice details page. Instead of reading “(x) Payments Collected”, it will now read “(x) Transactions Processed” – not implying the status of the transactions as “collected” even though the could be declined.
Payment Operation “Set Date”After getting a lot of positive feedback from last patch’s update to the “Billing Operations”, we have released a complimentary update to match the functionality for our “Payment Operation” and complete the “set date” updates for our daily operations.


Can’t add new card with Square in BigCommerce “Payment Methods” interface.Fixed
Square payment form in checkout has a 100px empty space above it.Fixed
Address line 2 not sent properly sometimes to sale channel orders.Fixed
Shipping name not send properly sometimes to sale channel orders.Fixed

Patch 43

New Features

Hide Wallet buttons in checkout with subscriptionFollowing BigCommerce’s update to the checkout page, loading the smart wallet buttons on the top of the page, our team has released an update to hide this section when there is a subscription in the cart, preventing customers’ ability to purchase a subscription with a payment method that is not compatible with Rebillia.
Added display for Invoice sources.Invoice source is now available to view in our API for better visibility and tracking of invoice creation sources.

To review this feature, refer to the Invoices documentation.
“Free Trial” starting ruleOur regular “schedule starting date” feature has been working really good for free trials, but it was impossible to tell the difference between a bonafide free trial charge and just a charge with a scheduled run. So we have released a virtually-same feature specifically for free trial tracking.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plans documentation.
Support PIN rolloutAs demand grows in our system and not everyone is recognizable by name anymore, we have rolled out the ol’ trusted support PIN, so you could identify yourselves with our team in times of identity crisis.
customers can “Charge Now” their plansApparently, if your customers want their subscription expedited, scheduling their subscription to run tomorrow is not good enough – so now we give them the ability to “Charge Now”.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plan Charges documentation.
Plan cancellation actionWe have added the ability for “Owner” role users to cancel their Rebillia account.

To review this feature, refer to the Staff Users documentation.
Send Rebillia Invoice ID to BigCommerce orderTo increase relationship and visibility between Rebillia invoices and BigCommerce orders, Rebillia now sends the corresponding invoice ID to the BigCommerce order it creates.


Send Rebillia invoice ID to gatewayGateway transaction details will now contain Rebillia’s Invoice ID, for better visibility.
Overdue invoices can be cancelledUsers can now cancel overdue invoices, even if they have failed transactions attached to them.
Add “One Time Purchase” rate plan by defaultAs “One Time” is a staple plan that shows in almost all products, our team decided to make it a default plan with every product. You can always delete it or edit it, but it is there for when you want it.
Allow user to send test emailThe email builder’s built-in “send test” is not working… what do we do?! – create our own! Now you can issue a test mail from Rebillia.


Automatically set frequency option as “Rebillia Option” when manually linking external product.Fixed
Disconnect Rebillia when checkout has no subscription and total is $0.Fixed
“Transaction amount is bigger than balance due” error.Fixed
Not all shipping methods load into the subscription “shipping” selector interface.Fixed
Incompatible payment methods show in cart for guest edge caseFixed
When coupon is added before checkout and total is $0, Rebillia still requests payment methodFixed

Patch 44

New Features

Set manual tax to rate plan chargeCompany users can now manually set a tax rate to rate plan charges to have the exact tax rate they want to charge each specific rate plan charge item.

To review this feature, refers to the Tax documentation.
Update company cardCompany users can now update their company card’s details (billing address & expiration date).

To review this feature, refer to the Billing documentation.
Change company cardCompany users can now change their company card.

To review this feature, refer to the Billing documentation.
Stripe UK-based “bacs_debit” supportRebillia now supports processing “bacs_debit” payment tokens in Stripe.
Cancel individual rate plan chargeCompany users can now allow their customers to cancel individual rate plan charges inside their rate plans.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plan Charges documentation.
Pause SubscriptionSubscription plans can now be paused and continued by both the customer and the company user.

To review this feature, refer to the Subscription Overview documentation.


BigCommerce “Bulk Pricing” rule supportWe have strengthened our support of BigCommerce’s pricing rules and included “bulk pricing” into our list.
“Switch Plan” mapping improvementsWe have made some improvements for our sale channel users, so that switching plans with linked external products will honor the previous plan’d meta data (such as quantity and charge date).
Rebillia account cancellation restrictions updatedFrom now on, only OWNER role users can cancel the Rebillia account.
Trying to manually charge invoice with expired cardWe have added a restriction and a visual queue when trying to charge an invoice with an expired card, to prevent mistaken failed transactions.


Prepaid cycles tooltip calculation is wrong.Fixed
“Starting Date” delay rule not applying proper delay.Fixed
User invitation emails sometimes tagged as potential spam.Fixed
Grid data columns clash and overlap on small screens.Fixed
“Charge Now” sale channel text fix.Fixed

Patch 45

New Features

Revamped ReportsWe have made some improvements to our existing reports, as well as introduced a couple of new reports (“Paused Plans” report, “Plan Details” Report).
“Pause Plan” Dunning End ActionAdded a new end condition to our dunning process to allow to pause plans.

To review this feature, refer to the Dunning documentation.
“Paused Plan” NotificationAdded a new notification for plan status change to “Paused”.

To review this feature, refer to the Notifications documentation.
View Plan HistoryWe’ve cleaned up the plan pages and create a new view to see plan history for each plan in the subscription bag.
Plan Counters Per ProductViewing our product page, Rebillia will now show the count of plans for each product.

To review this feature, refer to the Managing Products documentation.
Link Images to Rate Plans and Rate Plan ChargesCompany users can now link images to their Rate Plans and Rate Plan Charges for use in email templates, sale channel interface display etc.
Link Manual Subscriptions to Sale ChannelAdded a new input dropdown to select a sale channel to associate the subscription to when creating a subscription manually in Rebillia.
“Tax Inclusive” sale channelTo extend our support with tax inclusive billing, Rebillia now allows to set a sale channel as tax inclusive as a whole.

To review this feature, refer to the Tax documentation.


Account/Billing Interface UpdatesPlan data, details, current order, order summary, company payment method and invoice history sections have been revamped.
Updated content for reportsOur “Cancelled Plans” and “Active Plans” reports have gotten a content update.
Better error messaging for smart routingFor companies dealing with advanced routing, we’ve improved our communication in the app interfaces.
Revamped interface for customer permissionsWe have transformed the long list of checkboxes to group-based sections with easier to understand text and explanations.
Dashboard counts active plans instead of bagsWe’ve seen the error in our ways. Counting bags doesn’t help as much as knowing how many active plans you have!
“Subscriptions” Page now displays Rate PlansJust like our update to the dashboard, viewing rate plan data directly [instead of through bag data] is much better, so now – the subscriptions page loads rate plan data directly
Redesigned Notifications PageWe have made some visual updates as well as organizational updates to our notifications page to make it easier to find the events you are looking for.
Information display restructureTo make it easier to navigate through subscription data, we’ve made several updates that will provide more information upfront and organized better.


$0 checkout through coupon discount didn’t show proper payment form.Fixed
API response changed variable type from INT to FLOAT.Fixed
“Upcoming Charges” report showing months in past instead of future.Fixed
Account/Subscriptions pagination not working.Fixed
Paused plans don’t have a status label.Fixed
“Sent Test” notification should not display for inbox notifications.Fixed
Card Edit functionality shows as available for Square cards, even though it shouldn’tFixed

Patch 46

New Features

Merge all plans in checkout to one bagWhen a customer purchases multiple rate plans in the same checkout process, Rebillia will merge all rate plans into one subscription bag.

To review this feature, refer to the Subscription Bags documentation.
Gateway Environment ControlAdded ability to set the environment of the gateway between Production and Sandbox.
Set “View Plan Details” as Open By DefaultAdded the ability to set the plan details view to open by default in sale channel interface.
Specific Day Of Year functionalityAdded a new functionality for our “Year” based frequencies, allowing to select a specific date in the year the charge will execute.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plan Charges documentation.
Advanced “Upcoming Deliveries” ManagementAdded 5 possible customizations to each upcoming delivery: skip, change item price, change shipping price, change shipping address, and change payment method.

To review this feature, refer to the Upcoming Charges documentation.
List of Subscribers Per ProductEach product page now has its own “subscriptions” sub-page that shows a list of all subscribers to this product.
“Ship by Quantity” shipping methodAdded new shipping method to allow to set shipping rate by quantity of items in order.


Search Bars functionality improvedWe have both fixed a couple of search bugs as well as incorporated more allowed search items to our search bars.
Manually added subscription redirects back to customer pageInstead of redirecting to the subscriptions page, we now redirect back to the customer account page.
“Switch Plan” plan selectionsFrom now own, this feature will only display plans that have at least one recurring charge in them.
Error message updatesWe have updated several error messages for better communication.
BigCommerce customer control panels interface updatesWe have made several updates to the BigCommerce customer control panel interfaces.
Gateway name displayed in transaction gridEach transaction now shows which gateway it was processed with.
Character limit for input fields has been increased.Throughout the app, we have increased the character limit for input fields, for items like product name, plan name, customer email, street 1 address etc.


User account verification email not sendingFixed
Voided invoices stay on status “Paid”Fixed
Transactions fail due to gateway not accepting more than 2 decimal pointsFixed
Next bill date not showing for manually created subscriptionsFixed
Manually created plans don’t get charges created for them.Fixed
Can remove card that is associated with an active subscription bagFixed
Stying issue with address when updating card details in Rebillia appFixed
Edit external product of disabled sale channel is stuck in spinningFixed
Activity log pages take loo long to loadFixed
Publishing rate plan fails but showing as if it was successfulFixed
Integration run fails to update order status in BigCommerceFixed

Patch 47

New Features

“Reactivated Paused Plan” notificationNow, customers can get a confirmation email, letting them know that their paused plan has been reactivated.

*A little scoop – we are working on a mechanism to limit the time a plan can remain paused and allow you to force the plan to reactivate itself.

To review this feature, refer to the Notification documentation.
“Request Payment Method” notificationWe have not anticipated the sheer amount of missing payment methods we will interact with when migrating users into Rebillia, but because this feels needed – we’ve created a notification just for it.

Furthermore, Rebillia will now send this email automatically when a subscription is created without a payment method.

To review this feature, refer to the Notification documentation.
Only charge invoice if external order was successfully createdWe have added a new functionality to our invoice-to-order service. When using our “Create order when invoice is on status POSTED” and the creation of the order fails, Rebillia will not try to bill the invoice until the order is successfully generated.

This helps tremendously with inventory management issues and data validations (like “does this customer even exist in BigCommerce?”).
“Usage Based Billing” subscription ruleOur featured update thus far for 2023 – usage based billing is now available in Rebillia. You can now bill for whatever you want to count or quantify!

*This is an advanced billing feature that is not included in our base services and plans.
Allow to add CC and BCC to email notificationsApparently, our beautiful notification bell is not good enough for you guys, so we have added the ability to set CC and BCC email addresses to each one of our notifications.

To review this feature, refer to the Notifications documentation.
Allow to edit modifier display nameNot all published material is final. Feel free to make changes to the way you introduce your rate plans on your product pages.
Bulk Action – Sync Product Rate Plan Charge data to all existing Rate Plan ChargesBy default, all active subscriptions are grandfathered and will not be affected by any changes you make to your product. This new feature gives you the ability to apply changes made to your product to all existing subscribers.

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plan Charges documentation.
Bulk Action – Link/Unlink external product to/from Rate Plan ChargeDiscontinued items don’t mean the end of the subscription anymore! You can now edit which product is linked to each charge item and apply this change to all active subscriptions. Now that’s BC;DR for you!

To review this feature, refer to the Rate Plan Charges documentation.
Added new activity log for switching plansPlan switching is now logged in the activity log.
Added the ability to create an external order from an invoice in RebilliaWe have added the ability to generate external orders from any invoice in Rebillia, so that you could create custom invoices for your customers and have them translated to orders in your sale channel.
Product Rate Plans now allow quantity controlWe have now added the ability to preselect the quantity of a charge item to be rebilled on subscription.
Product publishing procedure updateFrom now on, products could only be published if they have at least one published Rate Plan.


Improved display of prepaid plan data in customer control panelsPrepaid plan data will now display with more prepaid related information for the customers to have clarity about their renewal terms – “renews mm/dd/yyyy at $X”.
subscription specific MRR value now gets updated once a dayThe MRR column of our subscription specific table has been static for long enough – no more! From now on, every change you make will impact and display the update of the MRR.
Shipping address now sent to gateway with transaction detailsEven though a transaction does not require a shipping address, we hear that you guys want it for some reason.. so, we did it for YOU (yes, you know I’m talking about you!).

From now on, Rebillia will send the shipping address from the subscription to the transaction request in the gateway.
When disabling a RP, Rebillia does not remove the option from the product anymore (to prevent issues with order creation). Instead, it hides the option from the storefront.We have made a procedural update to the status of a Rate Plan.
New notification variables have been added.The following notification variables have been added to our system:
Frequency, Next charge date, Charge image, Charge status, Product name, Plan name, and Plan status.

As each account manages their own templates, we did not make a push of template updates, so these variables are not yet in use in any of the existing notifications.
Character limitations have been updated to allow longer name items to store without getting truncated.You are now able to enter product names up to 255 characters long, so feel free to go crazy with your naming conventions!
Inbox notifications only display notifications from last 7 days.When a notification is left unread in a user’s inbox for more than 7 days, it will automatically be marked as read and be removed from the unread list.
Plan history now displays the user that made the change.Our plan history will now indicate which user made the plan update on the subscription.
Added default value to custom tax code option.No need to break your head trying to figure out what to enter in the “customer tax item code” field anymore – we got you with a default value that is general enough to work for everyone!
Upcoming deliveries now considers number of billing periods left when displaying upcoming records.For subscriptions with an expiration date or a capped amount of billing periods – Rebillia now illustrates when the subscription ends by displaying upcoming records according only up to the expected end date of the subscription.
Allow to edit gateway settings in smart-routing to add/remove/edit sub-account.Users can now interact with the gateway sub-account in Rebillia’s “Smart Routing” interface to add/remove/edit their configuration.
Improved logic of sending sale channel order ID -OR- Rebillia invoice ID to gateway.A big update we have done to data communication with gateways. From now on, when Rebillia creates an order in the sale channel before it charges the invoice – it will communicate the sale channel order ID to the gateway.

*For reference – if the invoice is billed first and then the order is created, Rebillia will send the Rebillia invoice ID to the gateway.


Text update for “ship by quantity” shipping method.Fixed
Notification channel passwords not hushed in interfaceFixed
“Update Product” button now saves changes made on product details.Fixed
Tax now applies properly when switching between rate plans.Fixed
Manual tax now displays properly in the interfaces to be used.Fixed
“Archived” status plans no longer appear in the “charge now” interaction.Fixed
“Cancelled” status plans no longer appear in the “charge now” interaction.Fixed
Subscription activity log loading issue fixed.Fixed
Issue with adding new company card fixed.Fixed
Editing card expiration date will not display anymore for Square cards.Fixed
Checkout with GooglePay issue has been fixed.Fixed
Edit shipping address control has been fixedFixed
Subscription page search bar fixed.Fixed
Clicking on a subscription name from the product page now redirects to the subscription properlyFixed
Fix transaction details page loading issue.Fixed
customer addressbook not loading when editing billing address was fixed.Fixed
Invoice counter and LTV calculation issue fixedFixed
Switched plans counted as cancelled plans in metrics issue fixed.Fixed
shipping name not passing to order issue fixedFixed
optional modifiers are treated as required in Rebillia issue fixed.Fixed
Tax quantity calculation issue fixed.Fixed
Charges with delay rules are now getting the delay applied properly.Fixed
Avalara toggle on error “connector is disabled” issue is fixed.Fixed
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