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Patch Notes


Starting April 2023, this page contains the details of every Rebillia update release and its important content. For version control and backwards compatibility, this page will also track which public app versions are supporting the updates.

Patch 41 – v6.1 – QoL Improvements

New Features

Reset “Integration Run” for failed order creationWhen working with an external sale channel (like an eCommerce platform or an OMS), sometimes Rebillia is not able to create the external order (for various reasons). When that happens, the external order creation goes into a daily retry process. This release allows company users to override the daily process and have the system try creating the order immediately (within a 5 minute span).

For detailed information, refer to the External Orders documentation.
Cancel Rate PlanInstead of needing to cancel each Charge in the Plan, Rebillia now offers the ability to cancel the Plan itself and all of its Charges via one button click.

For detailed information, refer to the Managing Plans documentation.
“Subscription Bags” management tools – first releaseWe are finally starting to smell the end of this cool side project! And with the smell, come the releases. The first two releases for our “Subscription Bags” feature are:
– Delete empty bag.
– Rename your bag.

To review the subscription bags features, refer to the Subscription Bags documentation.


“Select a Company” search barScrolling through a long dropdown list to find the company you want to login to (yes, we are looking at you – partners!) is not fun – so we added a search bar input field to search the company by name, instead of by eye!
Main navigation expanded by defaultIf there was one request made more times than any other, it is having the side navigation menu open by default. We never thought it would be so impactful – but we are just the developers, not the users!

From now on, the side navigation menu will be open by default, and FYI – we are tracking if you close it!
“Save & Edit” new productYou know the feeling that you create a new product, and want to see your creation? So apparently, we didn’t give you this satisfaction…. NO MORE! With this update release, we have added a “Save & Edit” button at the end of creating a new product, so your dreams could come true.
Billing Operation “Set Date”Our daily operations have been manually executed more than we could ever imagine they would, and with that came a limitation we didn’t think we’d need to address – manually consuming an operation will delay the next operation by 1 day.

To combat that monstrosity, we are now giving you the ability to not only set the time of day you want the operation to execute, but also the date you want it to execute on.


Can’t add new card with Stripe in Rebillia manager interfaces.Fixed
Can’t add new card with Square in Rebillia manager interfaces.Fixed
Linked product variants/modifiers not removed when switching linked product.Fixed
Deleting toggleable elements (SMTP/Notification) does not remove them until page is refreshed.Fixed
Selected industry is not selected by default in “Profile” page.Fixed
Can’t edit notification subject because preview text is required.Fixed
“Declined” transactions have no colored label.Fixed
“Ended” Charges have no colored label.Fixed
Overlay modals width increased by content.Fixed

Patch 42 – v6.1 – QoL Improvements

New Features

Bulk Publish/Disable Rate PlansThis request actually came in from one of our own account managers (Matt), asking for an easier way to publish rate plans on a product. From now on, instead of publishing each plan separately, you can engage the expendable bulk checkboxes on the left side of the item to issue bulk commands.
Customer Control Panel – Update Card Billing Address / ExpirationMust be one of the highest requested tickets in the history of Rebillia, or even since the invention of sliced bread! Customer can now edit their existing cards on file, updating their billing address and/or their card’s expiration date.
Customer Control Panel – Add new card/address directly from subscription.Another highly requested item in our bucket list has made its way to production, and now customers don’t need to interact with their address book or their payment methods to change a card/address on a subscription anymore. From now on, customers can add a new card/address and assign it to a subscription directly from the subscription record itself!
Manually link Rebillia account to sale channel accountFor our sale channel users that just love to take new customers over the phone and immediately generate them in Rebillia – we have added the ability to manually link a Rebillia generated account to a sale channel account, so the customer could login to your store and view and manage their data easily!


Push gateway transaction ID to saleChannel orderMore and more 3rd party applications (like OMSs, Fraud Detection apps etc) are looking for specific information in orders to do their tasks. To provide more clarity and allow these systems to do their job, Rebillia will now pass the gateway transaction ID to every order it generates in a sale channel.
Push Rebillia IP to sale channel recurring ordersContinuing from the previous point, Rebillia will now pass its IP to every recurring order it generates in a sale channel.
Text clarity update to Invoice view.A small, yet hoping to be effective, update to a text in our invoice details page. Instead of reading “(x) Payments Collected”, it will now read “(x) Transactions Processed” – not implying the status of the transactions as “collected” even though the could be declined.
Payment Operation “Set Date”After getting a lot of positive feedback from last patch’s update to the “Billing Operations”, we have released a complimentary update to match the functionality for our “Payment Operation” and complete the “set date” updates for our daily operations.


Can’t add new card with Square in BigCommerce “Payment Methods” interface.Fixed
Square payment form in checkout has a 100px empty space above it.Fixed
Address line 2 not sent properly sometimes to sale channel orders.Fixed
Shipping name not send properly sometimes to sale channel orders.Fixed

Patch 43 – v6.1 – QoL Improvements

New Features

Hide Wallet buttons in checkout with subscriptionFollowing BigCommerce’s update to the checkout page, loading the smart wallet buttons on the top of the page, our team has released an update to hide this section when there is a subscription in the cart, preventing customers’ ability to purchase a subscription with a payment method that is not compatible with Rebillia.
Added display for Invoice sources.Invoice source is now available to view in our API for better visibility and tracking of invoice creation sources.
“Free Trial” starting ruleOur regular “schedule starting date” feature has been working really good for free trials, but it was impossible to tell the difference between a bonafide free trial charge and just a charge with a scheduled run. So we have released a virtually-same feature specifically for free trial tracking.
Support PIN rolloutAs demand grows in our system and not everyone is recognizable by name anymore, we have rolled out the ol’ trusted support PIN, so you could identify yourselves with our team in times of identity crisis.
customers can “Charge Now” their plansApparently, if your customers want their subscription expedited, scheduling their subscription to run tomorrow is not good enough – so now we give them the ability to “Charge Now”.
Plan cancellation actionWe have added the ability for “Owner” role users to cancel their Rebillia account.
Send Rebillia Invoice ID to BigCommerce orderTo increase relationship and visibility between Rebillia invoices and BigCommerce orders, Rebillia now sends the corresponding invoice ID to the BigCommerce order it creates.


Send Rebillia invoice ID to gatewayGateway transaction details will now contain Rebillia’s Invoice ID, for better visibility.
Overdue invoices can be cancelledUsers can now cancel overdue invoices, even if they have failed transactions attached to them.
Add “One Time Purchase” rate plan by defaultAs “One Time” is a staple plan that shows in almost all products, our team decided to make it a default plan with every product. You can always delete it or edit it, but it is there for when you want it.
Allow user to send test emailThe email builder’s built-in “send test” is not working… what do we do?! – create our own! Now you can issue a test mail from Rebillia.


Automatically set frequency option as “Rebillia Option” when manually linking external product.Fixed
Disconnect Rebillia when checkout has no subscription and total is $0.Fixed
“Transaction amount is bigger than balance due” error.Fixed
Not all shipping methods load into the subscription “shipping” selector interface.Fixed
Incompatible payment methods show in cart for guest edge caseFixed
When coupon is added before checkout and total is $0, Rebillia still requests payment methodFixed
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