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Upcoming Charges


Upcoming charges allow both customers and company users to anticipate and visualize future subscription charges and take actions on each charge. Using this interface, staff members can help customers visualize their future schedule, customize the content of each unique record and more.

Viewing Upcoming Charges

Both the customer and the staff members have their respective interface to view the upcoming charge schedule. In the storefront, customers can click on the “Upcoming Deliveries” link, and in the app, staff members can click on the “Upcoming Charges” tab when already navigated into an account and/or subscription interface.

Note! – Rebillia will load upcoming charge records for the next 6 months, and while the customer has no ability to load any further charges, by scrolling down the page in the app backend, staff members can continuously load more and more records – up to 3 years worth of subscription charges.

Managing Upcoming Charges

Upcoming charges are controlled differently from the storefront (as a customer) than from the app (as company staff), as well as each offers a different set of abilities.

While customers can view their upcoming charge schedule, they can only control their upcoming charges directly from the subscription interface the charge belongs to. Furthermore, customers are only able to skip and reschedule an upcoming charge.

Company users are able to view a subscription’s upcoming charges from the “Upcoming Charges” interface in the subscription page, and are able to Skip Charge, Change Payment Method or Shipping Address specifically to that one charge, and Send a Notification manually to the customer about this charge. To reschedule the charge, the staff member will need to go into the “Plans & Charges” interface, edit the charge itself and reschedule it.

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