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Transaction Details


Get detailed information about every transaction request attempted by Rebillia.


The overview section will contain all the informational fields associated with the transaction. This section includes:

  1. Transaction ID – The internal Rebillia transaction ID.
  2. Invoice ID – The ID of the invoice this transaction belongs to.
  3. Transaction Type – Whether the transaction was a sale or a refund.
  4. Status – The status of the transaction.
  5. Error Message – If applicable, the reason for the transaction to fail.
  6. Date – The date the transaction request was executed.
  7. Amount – The amount requested to collect.
  8. Customer – The customer account associated with the transaction.

Payment Method

This section will contain the payment method details used for this transaction. This section includes:

  1. Payment Method – The payment method uses (card on file, ACH) + an identifier (last 4 digits, routing number).
  2. Name on Payment Method – The name associated with the payment method.
  3. Expiry Date – If applicable, the expiration date of the payment method.
  4. Address – If applicable, the address associated with the payment method.
  5. Gateway – The gateway integration used to process the transaction request.


This section will contain the gateway response to the transaction request in code format.

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