Starting With Rebillia

How do I get started with Rebillia?

Rebillia offers 2 products, “Rebillia: Saved Credit Card” and “Rebillia: Recurring Orders”  that you can have separately or bundle, and various add-on features for the e-commerce domain. You can begin using either or both today. Schedule A Demo to learn about either app, or download our app to start your 14 days risk-free trial. When you first sign up, you will be taken through an easy 5 step installation with instructions and video guides throughout the whole wizard. Once you are finished installing the app, our team will give your store a shell check to see that all integrations are operational – and you are good to go!

Do I need my own payment gateway?

As Rebillia does not provide a payment gateway of its own, but connects to and existing gateway, in order to successfully install Rebillia on your e-commerce store, you will have to sign up and use one of our compatible gateways. Rebillia offers full compatibility with the following gateways: PayPal Powered by Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.NET and PayPal Pro.

My customers are located around the world. Will Rebillia work for everyone?

Rebillia supports all currencies and payment methods that our compatible gateways do. When choosing to switch gateways to one of our compatible gateways – you should consult with the gateway and the processor services and get notified for any currency / location limitations they have.

Is there a setup fee to use Rebillia?

Depends on the product you are purchasing. “Rebillia: Saved Credit Card” does not charge a setup fee as there is no real setup to be done. By following the installation wizard provided with the app, you will be able to setup the app by yourself within 2-5 minutes. “Rebillia: Recurring Orders” has a setup fee and offers “Pro” and “Basic” Installation services to make things easier and smoother. For more information go to our pricing page.

Does Rebillia require a long-term contract?

Rebillia is a non-contract, no cancellation fees service. You will be charged on a 30-days cycle for as long as you use the app. After uninstalling the app, you will be charged 1 more time, by the end of the account’s cycle, and will be removed from our billing cycle.

How do Rebillia’s pricing plans work?

Rebillia’s pricing plans differ according to the chosen product. Each product has its own pricing plans that could be found in our pricing page.

What makes Rebillia unique?

Rebillia’s abilities and functionalities for saved credit cards as well as the creation and understanding of subscription processes have marked us as a legitimate patent holder in the e-commerce market in several of our processes. Currently, all of our patent requests have been filed and accepted under a “Patent Pending” status.

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