What is Rebillia: Saved Credit Card for?

The Rebillia platform is all about advanced functionality, customer experience and financial control. With Rebillia Saved Credit Card, you easily eliminate the most troublesome factor of a purchase – entering the credit card information. This, in turn, will result with your shoppers abandoning less carts, shopping bigger and shopping more. Furthermore, Rebillia Saved Credit Card allows the merchant using it, secure accessibility to manually charge shoppers when needed (Rentals, Recurring, Over the phone etc..).

How does the pricing plans work?

The pricing for ‘Rebillia: Saved Credit Card’ is based on 2 factors – Revenue and Transactions. We have 3 pre-built plans and 1 enterprise custom plan (See here). The tiers of pricing originate from BigCommerce’s pricing table to make it easier to spot where you belong.

Are transactions made with a saved card treated the same?

Yes. Rebillia is fully integrated and embedded in your store, and the e-commerce platform, thus all transactions (with saved card and without) will be treated the same – just as they were treated before Rebillia was installed to the store.

Can a customer save more than 1 card? Are there any fees?

There is no limitation as to how many cards could be saved per account, and you will not be charged for the number of saved cards your customers hold in their accounts.

Is Rebillia a multi-user app?

Yes. You can choose with whom to share access to the app in your staff.

Can customers edit their credit cards?

As every cards that is entered in our system goes through an authorization process, we can not allow editing of an existing card. Rebillia offers a manual implementation of an add-on feature, “Manage Payment Options“, to allow shoppers (and the merchant) to view all saved credit cards, delete unwanted cards from their account and even authorize and add new cards without the need to go through a checkout process.

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